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Why Mobility?

Get the good straight from Commune's founders, Patrick Beach & Carling Harps!

Chatting why mobility will real-deal make your movement, practice, and life better in this month's newest Podcast episode!

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Meet your Mobility Month Programming

We've taken the guesswork out of it for you! Follow the 4x per week, month-long class calendar to get into the mobility mindset and watch your movement freedom evolve week by week!

What does your movement need?

Better mobility will give you more freedom TO DO WHATEVER IT IS YOU LOVE TO DO.

more flexibility & range of motion?

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more STRENGTH in your range of motion?

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Easier movement, that feeling of choice in HOW you doing things?

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Improved resilience so that you can recover faster, or practice till you’re beautifully old and gray?


move when you want, wherever you want.

​​Commune's online studio apps bring new classes straight to you every week alongside a global community of practitioners, teachers, and lifelong movers. 

Access 800+ classes from your favorite teachers on all your devices, including your laptop, iOS, Android, or streaming boxes and TVs such as Roku, and Apple TV

Available for TV platforms and apps

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