Meet the Crew

Patrick Beach

In the constant pursuit of discovery, Patrick has been practicing and teaching with deep commitment since he was 20 years old. After growing up in serious athletics he found the practice while searching for deeper consciousness and physical expression.

He conceptualized the Awakening Yoga approach while teaching around the world as a method to bring expansive Asana to a wider student base. Always rooting his teaching a vision of the practice as a map and navigation aide to guide and enhance your life.

Carling Harps

A lifelong lover of education, Carling has spent the last decade+ studying and stoking her curiosity for all things Yoga, Birth, and Women’s advocacy. Steeping in offerings from teachers such as Annie Carpenter, David Regelin, Phillip Askew and multidisciplinary systems such as Functional Range Conditioning & Pregnancy/Postpartum Athleticism coaching. As a founder of Awakening Yoga, Carling has traveled the world offering workshops and facilitating trainings in the AY style with her partner Patrick. She is a FRCms and a Kinstretch Instructor as well as a doula trained by Penny Simpkin in 2014. Carling specializes in Pre & Post Natal Yoga and treats every teaching moment as an opportunity for connection, community, and growth.

CJ Yeagley

CJ first found yoga while looking to increase flexibility after a lifetime of football and collegiate sports. His body had taken a beating and he discovered that Yoga not only solved physical issues, but created a deeper sense of calm in his heart, mind, and soul. CJ considers his friends Patrick Beach and Carling Harps to be his mentors of yoga/movement over the last 8 years. Spending countless hours with them has influenced his unique Power Vinyasa teaching style. CJ's classes emphasize building strength and awareness, while increasing mobility and range of motion. He always encourages having fun in the moment, building trust and self-understanding. Good vibes and good music always coming your way!

Shelby Heintzelman

Shelby strives to help people gain awareness in their bodies, encouraging attention to the breath to move them into a mind-body connection. Her flows are a combination of strength and balance with intentional movement woven into a mindfully creative sequence. Shelby received her 200hr vinyasa training with Yoga Works in Santa Monica, CA. She since has continued to train under Patrick Beach and Carling Harps, where she went on to complete her 300hr advanced training with Awakening Yoga Academy. Her sincere goal is for people to learn how to show up for themselves, practice compassion, self love, and use their yoga practice as a time for them to turn inward and release the stresses of life. Shelby’s hope is that people leave her classes feeling inspired, challenged, fresh, and with a sense of clarity that translates into their everyday lives.

Erica Kiely

Erica teaches a style of yoga that is above all, honest. Her sequences are creative, challenging, and fun. She loves to focus on the transitions between poses, relating to life in general, where the goal is not the destination, but the journey to get there—and she definitely takes her students on a unique journey in each class. Erica gently requires presence for the entire class, helping students connect with their bodies and reach a deeper understanding of who they are as people. She asks that you give your all to your Asana practice, but even more to your Savasana. Erica Kiely completed her 200 hour YTT in Costa Rica in 2015. In 2019, she completed her 300 hour in Bali in 2019 through the Awakening Yoga Academy.

Kim Beach

Kim has been a daily yoga practitioner for 25 years, teacher for 10 years, mom to Patrick, and grandma to Harvey June (who had down dog at 13 months old!)

With the Awakening Yoga Practice as a foundation and a slow gentle approach Kim’s classes offer something for everyone. Focusing on sound alignment in postures and transitions by observing and listening to the body without judgements or expectations you will develop mobility, strength, and real connection. Kim asks you simply to come to your yoga mat wherever you are and find joy, love and gratitude for self through your physical being.

Personal Practice Paths

This practice is designed to be personal. Our team is here to support you along the way. Join in on one, or all, or our teachers focused monthly practice paths. From Handstands and Kinstretch, to Mobility and Morning Yoga, these rotating paths will keep you growing.

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"Every time we step onto our mats we practice out of a love for ourselves. With the desire to know the truth of our own being and with a longing to benefit all beings, in all times and spaces. We practice simply because it is our nature to do so. There is no separation, it is just a way of life."

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